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Treatment Services - Treatment Outcome

Tai Chi & Qigong practices have been proven to gain the following results:

1) Reduce Stress and Improve Fitness
The powerful internal energy and breathing exercises of Tai Chi & Qigong improve blood circulation and lymph in all tissues. Blood vessels open as the practice acts directly on the parasympathetic nervous system to control blood pressure and heart rate, induce relaxation, increase production of digestive enzymes and peristalsis, and to heavily oxygenate blood and cells of the body. Unhealthy tension and stress are profoundly neutralized by Qigong. Super-relaxation techniques and slow, meditative, dance-like movements make this the perfect exercise for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

2) Stabilization of Blood Pressure.
Tai Chi & Qigong practice cause the heart rate to balance through relaxation and deep, regular breathing allowing the blood vessels to relax, creating less resistance to blood flow and hence a reduction in pressure.

3) Strengthened Immune System

Studies have shown regular Tai Chi & Qigong practice increases the production of T-Cells. T-Lymphocytes aid in the destruction of harmful bacteria and tumour cells. It also increased D.H.E.A production. D.H.E.A is dehydroepiandrosterone, a hormone, low levels of which are directly linked to cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, allergies, heart disease and most auto-immune diseases. qigong has antioxidant effects, stimulates SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) production and enhances the body's oxygen and nutrient uptake..

4) Improved Memory
Tai Chi & Qigong practice increase the volume of blood flowing through to the brain, extremities and small capillaries. The deep relaxation causes blood vessels to gently dilate enabling them to carry more blood. This will cause a reduction in the amount and severity of headaches due to the increased blood and oxygen, thereby improving memory and preventing senility.

5) Improved Digestion
Deeper, abdominal breathing massages the digestive organs. The muscles in involved in peristalsis (the pushing of food through the digestive system) are stimulated and balanced. Therefore, people with weak systems are strengthened and excessively strong contractions are reduced.

6) Improved Appetite
Tai Chi & Qigong also improve appetite with a greater production of saliva both during and after practice. Hydrochloric acid production increases which further improves digestion (this function decreases with age).

7) Increased Vitality
Tai Chi & Qigong conserve energy by lowering the metabolic rate. With a relaxed body and quiet mind, the heart beats more slowly and regularly which leads to improved sleep and enhancement of the body’s ability to recover from illness and injury. This will slow down the aging process through improved cellular regeneration.

8) Improve Sexual Function, Prostate and Bladder
As Tai Chi & Qigong exercises increase the flexibility of the critical hip region, they tone and strengthen the pelvic muscles. This internal energy work and movement improves blood and qi circulation to the reproductive system and pelvic organs. Tai Chi & Qigong are excellent for addressing issues of incontinence and prostate health as they cultivate qi in the middle and lower “dantiens”, which have the added benefit of greatly improving libido.

9) Improve Posture and Rehabilitate Injury

Tai Chi & Qigong provide improvement in skeletal alignment, tendon function, and joint flexibility; i.e., restructuring or realigning the spine, hips, shoulders, arms, legs and feet, can relieve back and shoulder strain, repair damaged knees and ankles, and allow the joints to work the way they were originally designed.

10) Treat Osteoporosis
Since Tai Chi is a weight-bearing exercise, it is ideal for women and men hoping to avoid osteoporosis. Research shows that women who perform weight bearing and resistance-type exercises can slow bone loss, and may, in some cases, help increase bone mass. And since Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise stressing posture and balance; it's probably a viable option if you already have the condition.